‘NFT Art Is Fairly Silly’ Says Casa CTO Jameson Lopp on Bitcoin Ordinals Rise


The crypto times, they are a-changin’.

The recent hype around Bitcoin NTFs, also called Ordinals, has driven a key thorn in the side of the maximalist community.

Instead of laying down the rails for “thermodynamically sound money,” it’s being used for printing more jpegs. Bitcoin proponents are also concerned about the scarce amount of block space available, a resource apparently too precious to share with digital art.

The rise of Bitcoin NFTs is also a symptom of a bear market, he said. With prices low, block space is inexpensive. “In a bull market, it [Ordinals] would be costing people thousands of dollars to do this,” Casa CTO Jameson Lopp told Decrypt.

To say it’s irked Bitcoin advocates is an understatement.

“I understand that because I’ve thought all along that NFT art is fairly silly. Personally, I’ve never found value in tokenized art,” he said. “It’s not something that I would pay tens of thousands of dollars for so that I could say that it gives me pleasure that no one else is the owner of this art.”

Lopp’s in a unique position to view the crypto culture…

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