PH users are interested in the metaverse, NFTs, crypto


THINK Forward’s eighth issue of their annual report analyzes the complex and ever-changing web of digital culture and behavior. Our online and offline lives are already entwined, and much is on the horizon: metaverses to devote time with nonfungible tokens (NFTs) for decorating digital homes, and crypto wallets for shopping in virtual malls. Filipinos top the list for the most interested people in the metaverse and the eighth most crypto owners in two separate studies.


Research from Coin Kickoff analyzed 1.6 million Metaverse-related Tweets. Their study notes that people in 193 countries are searching on Google for metaverse-related terms. Data revealed the Philippines is the #1 country most interested in the Metaverse — with 2,421 Google searches for it per 1,000 people. Another study late last year by Ciena uncovered that most Filipino business professionals surveyed recognize the value of virtual meetings, and 89 percent would take part in work meetings in the metaverse versus existing video conferencing tools. According to the GWI top 2023…

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