5 ways to monetize your digital art with NFTs


Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) offer a new way to sell and distribute digital art, and they have the potential to unlock new revenue streams for artists in the digital age. Here are five ways to monetize your digital art with NFTs.

Fractionalized ownership

This involves splitting the ownership of an artwork into smaller parts and selling them as tokens, allowing multiple investors to own a stake in the artwork. For example, an artist can create 100 tokens for a piece of art and sell them to 100 different buyers, each of whom owns a share of the artwork.

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Dynamic NFTs

Dynamic NFTs are a type of NFT that changes over time, creating a unique and evolving experience for the owner. Dynamic NFTs can use external data sources to update the artwork, such as social media feeds or actual occurrences. 

For example, “The Eternal Pump” is a dynamic NFT that changes in response to the rise and fall of the cryptocurrency market. The artwork gets more complex and elaborate as the value of cryptocurrencies rises, while it gets more straightforward and…

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