Ecolytiq and Cloverly Join Forces To Make Carbon Credits an Accessible Reality


Cloverly‘s latest partnership with ecolytiq is to equip financial institutions with the ability to offer verified carbon credits.

US-based climate technology company Cloverly is partnering with the ecolytiq ‘sustainability-as-a-service’ solution to equip financial institutions with a way to measure and evaluate climate contributions.

Ecolytiq’s solution enables banks, fintech companies and financial service providers to show their customers the individual impact their purchasing behaviour is having on the environment in real-time.

With the partnership, Cloverly is to embed carbon credits into ecolytiq’s marketplace as an add-on for primarily commercial and business banking solutions.

Climate urgency

Carbon credits represent a critical tool in the fight against climate change, providing companies with the ability to generate near-term impact while also addressing complex, systemic challenges in the long run.

As stated in the IPCC’s Mitigation of Climate Change report, published in April 2022, “The
deployment of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) to counterbalance hard-to-abate…

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