Solana NFTs’ potential looks promising, but what is in store for SOL?

  • Solana NFT staples declined over the last 30 days and so did the count of daily active users.
  • SOL, however, managed to perform well both on the price and metrics front.

A Twitter handle by the name Solana Legend recently posted a tweet that talked about the potential and capabilities of Solana’s [SOL] NFT ecosystem.

As per the tweet, Solana outperformed Ethereum in several aspects. This was something that could take the ecosystem to new highs.

One of the key advantages of Solana was its pricing. Solana is the most inexpensive chain to drop NFTs. For comparison, the cost of deploying smart contracts on Ethereum is around $5,000+, whereas it’s $30 on Solana.

Not only in terms of pricing, but Solana was also ahead of…

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