17 Influential Black Artists Shaping the Future of Web3


In 2023, crypto is seemingly becoming less of a stomping ground for wealthy white men. While racism and prejudice undoubtedly still exist on the blockchain — and the “crypto bro” stereotype has undoubtedly affected the formation of Web3 thus far — the NFT space has slowly but surely become a more equitable place for people of color to find community, support, and prosperity.

From POC creators leading the charge in Web3 music to helping popularize IRL NFT activations to bootstrapping organizations so other marginalized groups can flourish, there has been no lack of decentralized Black excellence in the past few years.

To celebrate Black History Month and the countless creators who have continued to high step the would-be roadblocks of the legacy creative industries, nft now has joined forces with venture studio Umba Daima — an organization dedicated to creating economic opportunity for historically disadvantaged populations — to present this list of artists that are most definitely deserved of flowers.

Sheena Williams


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