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The NFT Magazine launch a new book NFT


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It is all ready for the launch of the first NFT artist book!

Once again, the international monthly magazine to be collected on Ethereum, The NFT Magazine, launches a new publication that changes the rules of Publishing in Web3 and raises the bar.

The new CryptoArt Monograph together with the third issue 2k23 of The NFT Magazine , will be available with a double drop from March 6, 2023 at 2 PM ET , both on the Nifty Gateway platform , which will last 5 DAYS for both the COVER DROP and the BookDrop NFT.

The first NFT artist book

The third CryptoArt Monograph produced by The NFT Magazine becomes the first NFT artist book thanks to the intervention of Andrea Crespi.

An artist’s book is a real work of art, conceived by its creator in the form of a book but with all the characteristics of a work of art: original, unique and representative of artistic research.

In this sense Andrea Crespi, the protagonist of the third CryptoArt Monograph, has interpreted the concept of artist’s book by intervening with one of his unpublished works not only on the cover of the monograph, but on…

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