AI vs. Artists: Who Can Claim Creativity?


It took Monet nearly three decades to complete his full collection of “Nymphéas” or “Water Lilies” paintings, yet images of the same Normandy water garden could be captured by a photographer in mere minutes – with arguably less effort.

You can imagine it now, as pointilism is replaced with point-and-shoot, 19th century landscape artists pose the question: Can cameras really be creative? 

But, lo and behold, photography is still alive. Having earned it’s rightful place in the world of modern art, the pictures a camera captures are equally as revered as the oil-painted masterpieces of Monet and his contemporaries. Despite this however, history appears to be repeating itself.

Enter artificial intelligence (AI).

Although a lot has changed since Monet’s time, some things never do: people don’t like change, to be challenged or the unknown. AI is the embodiment and catalyst of all three. 

What started with Arnold Schwarzenegger as a sunglasses-clad cyborg assassin, has now evolved into a full-blown era-defining culture war of man vs. machine, with many of the…

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