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how to build a successful NFT marketplace


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At NFT Paris 2023, which took place in the French capital on February 24-25th, we interviewed Yawn Rong, co-founder at Find Satoshi Labs, creator of the most famous STEPN NFT project to talk about how a successful marketplace should work.

What are the plans for the future expansion of the game and the NFT marketplace?

We started STEPN during the Covid-19. I was so bored, in a lock down, there were a lot of lockdowns in Australia. Jerry was my neighbor back then and we kept seeing each other at home, as we couldn’t go more than 500 km radius.

We said to each other “let’s create a crypto project” because Jerry has a background of building games and I am more involved in investing crypto, mining and everything to turn profit into crypto.

So we merged our two companies and we wanted to develop a game. Originally the game did not involve walking, but it had to be something like Monopoly or SuperMario.

Then the lockdown continued but we could walk for a couple of hours and the police were checking. Never seen so many people walking around with kids or with their dogs, so I…

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