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NFT artworks in Beijing reveal ‘A New Possibility’


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Photo: Xu Liuliu

The rapid development of technology is changing the world in every aspect, including the art world. Crypto art, art preserved as part of a blockchain in the form of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, has stormed Beijing’s CAFA Art Museum with the new Crypto Art: A New Possibility exhibition, the first international, large-scale cryptographic digital art exhibition in China. 

“The art world is changing with new technologies like NFTs and AI. We keep an eye on these changes and present them to the audiences with an open mind,” Zhang Zikang, the president of the CAFA Art ­Museum, told the Global Times on Tuesday. “This new exhibition can trigger and stimulate more discussion and exchanges on these topics.”

The exhibition, the latest collaboration between the CAFA Art Museum and the Dynamic Art Museum in Milan, features 46 renowned artists from 21 countries including China, Italy, Spain, the UK and Germany. The works cover a wide range of mediums, from paintings and installations to digital artworks. 

The exhibition focuses on the potential of digitalization and the…

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