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DaoMaker Disproves Logan Paul with Degen Zoo NFT Game


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DaoMaker founder Christoph Zaknun has built an NFT game, Degen Zoo, based on Logan Paul’s abandoned project CryptoZoo, a highly-anticipated Web3 crypto game that failed to meet the expectations of its community. Degen Zoo has launched on Ethereum (ETH-USD) and is simulating the impact of capitalism on animal extinction.

CryptoZoo — What Happened?

Notably, Paul Logan has now used his fame to promote two NFT projects that failed to fulfill their promises. After being involved in the Dink Doink pump-and-dump scheme, he began promoting his own NFT game, CryptoZoo.

The project showed promise and quickly garnered millions of dollars in NFT sales and token investments, likely due to Logan’s involvement. The NFT eggs were supposed to provide their owners with a passive income stream after hatching.

However, when the day came to hatch the eggs, half of them didn’t work. The promises made by Logan turned out to be empty. Furthermore, as revealed by Coffeezilla on YouTube, Logan also worked with questionable individuals who sold tokens on the back end, leading to…

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