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Crypto Meets Film Funding in Endaoment’s “I’M NEW HERE” Initiative


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Endaoment is using crypto and NFTs to support the film industry! Endaoment’s “I’M NEW HERE” fund advocates for fair creator participation and compensation. As the first fully on-chain 501(c)(3), they recognize the need for change in film financing and the untapped potential of the crypto community to support more creators. Let’s take a closer look!

“I’M NEW HERE” explores crypto art and NFTs with Endaoment.

Revolutionizing Film Financing: Endaoment’s ‘I’M NEW HERE’ Initiative

Firstly, what is Endaoment? Essentially, Endaoment is a nonprofit community foundation and public charity powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Now, anyone can donate their digital assets to any qualified 501(c)(3) US nonprofit organization. Thus making philanthropy accessible and secure like never before.

Endaoment believes that crypto philanthropy can improve every industry, including entertainment and film. Therefore, they have introduced their “I’M NEW HERE” initiative. Small groups often control and finance the film industry, leading to great projects being turned down….

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