James Olstein uses his love of screen printing to create stunning digital illustrations with an analogue feel


Based in Philadelphia, James Olstein is an illustrator, author and teacher specialising in creating digital art that retains an analogue look and feel. Fizzing with grainy textures and overlapping vibrant colours, his work has the curious quality of looking like it came from the 1950s, even though it contains contemporary items and characters.

As a graphic design graduate, James has collaborated with many big-name clients, including BBC Science, the Boston Globe, ESPN, FOX, MIT Technology Review, Sony Music and Warner Brothers, to name a few. And when he’s not working as an artist to create his stunning illustrations, he shares his knowledge online with his own Skillshare course that covers textural illustration and editorial art.

It’s a far cry from how James started as a youngster. He admits to always being an artistic kid, and his parents always encouraged his creative…

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