Revolutionize your digital art with Stability AI’s Photoshop plugin


What you need to know

  • Stability Diffusion is a popular text-to-image AI generator that can create photorealistic images and digital art.
  • The Stability AI plugin from Stability Fusion works with Adobe Photoshop and allows Photoshop users to quickly add new AI-generated effects, edits, or elements within a document.
  • This fast ability to edit or create in Photoshop will change the digital design process. 
  • DALL•E 2 can also be utilized in Photoshop through this plugin as long as users have an OpenAI API Key.

Adobe Photoshop has long been one of the biggest go-to programs for digital artists, thanks to its powerful editing abilities and many drawing tools. Now, with the latest Stability AI plugin, users don’t have to draw or edit every little detail. Instead, they can easily add AI-generated elements or alterations to projects directly from within Photoshop after just making a few strokes and writing quick text prompts. 

As shown by @mrgreen on Twitter, “Stable Diffusion’s Photoshop plugin lets you create, edit, and iterate AI images from within Photoshop.” The attached video…

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