The Creators of the First NFT Talk New Collection, Web3 Future


Jennifer and Kevin McCoy need little introduction. Ten years ago, the acclaimed artists introduced the world to Quantum, the first art NFT ever created. Quantum found its home on the Namecoin blockchain in 2014, when Kevin McCoy decided to mint it as an NFT to establish the provenance of the digital image. 

The Web3 world might see minting an NFT for such a reason as a banality these days, but in 2014, the idea was revolutionary. Provenance documents for digital art didn’t exist at the time, and Quantum showed the world that blockchain technology could solve the problem of ownership in the digital age.

Its landmark million-dollar sale at a Sotheby’s auction in 2021 brought it the recognition it finally deserved. 

Having created only a handful of NFT artworks since then, the McCoys are now releasing their first NFT collection, Land Sea and Sky. The project, which launches on Artwrld on April 5, is a collection of 310 collages that combine elements of AI-generated landscapes. nft now caught up with Jennifer and Kevin to talk about their upcoming…

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