A profitable affair 88.5% of days


Of the 4,593 days of Bitcoin’s existence as a tradable asset, BTC hodlers experienced 4,065 profitable days — challenging the historical narrative of depreciating volatility in crypto. As a result, holding Bitcoin (BTC) is provably profitable in the long run. 

Bitcoin’s historical price performance confirms that a hard limit on total supply and seamless global usability is critical to becoming a store of value. Data from Blockchain.com shows that Bitcoiners enjoyed 88.50% of profitable days relative to the current market price at the time of writing.

Number of days in which holding bitcoin has been profitable, relative to current price. Source: Blockchain.com

As shown above, just 531 or 11.56% of the 4,593 days were unprofitable for long-term holders. The unprofitable days are between Dec. 28, 2022, and June 12, 2022, a time when Bitcoin was priced above the $26,246.58 and $28,344.5 range.

The revelation highlights the importance of understanding Bitcoin’s market cycles and why investors should avoid buying the tops and selling the dips. However, some traders prefer making…

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