Important Information for all Pioneers


The community-centric meme token allows users to earn passive income by simply holding its native token on Core Chain.

Ignore Fud is a novel meme token on the Core chain that supports decentralized finance and blockchain innovations. Its objective is to facilitate the onboarding of more cryptocurrency users into Core DAO and the wider crypto industry. Ignore Fud boasts a community-centric meme ecosystem and a distinctive hold-to-earn feature, which enables investors to earn rewards by holding its native token “4 Token”. Additionally, investors gain exposure to a vast and robust user community from across the globe.

The 4 Token

The official token of the Ignore Fud project is “4”. The token, slated to launch via partner DEX, ArcherSwap, on March 24 will be a community-focused Meme token that forms part of the expanding Core DAO ecosystem. 4 TOKEN allows users to Hold-to-Earn $USDT stablecoin. 

Token Details and Tokenomics

Name: Ignore Fud 

Symbol: 4TOKEN 

Decimals: 18 

Blockchain: Core DAO

Max and Total Supply: 40 billion

Token Allocation

50% (20,000,000,000 4 TOKEN): Public…

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