Is AI art about to have its ‘iPhone moment’?


Back in 2016 Nvidia kickstarted the generative AI revolution as we’ve come to know it when OpenAI took delivery of its first AI supercomputer, which powers the breakthrough AI ChatGPT. Now with over 100 million users and rising, Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang used his GTC keynote to call 2023 the “iPhone moment of AI”.

The staggering rise in use makes ChatGPT the fastest-growing app in history, going from a weird little-known piece of program to mainstream success almost instantaneously. This has, of course, had repercussions, with ChatGPT used to make a tourism ad from famous AI paintings and other AI have been used to create scarily real deepfakes.

But Huang is clear ChatGPT and other AI models are going nowhere and his comment we’re in the ‘iPhone moment’ for AI image generators really puts things into perspective. The genie is out of the bottle and is making text-prompted wishes come true – and some of the biggest brands in art and design are involved.

Nvidia believes AI is the future and many brands are adopting its AI Foundations cloud platform (Image credit: Nvidia AI)


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