The NFT of The Astronut at Trento Art Festival


The Astronut is a digital artist known for his ability to create innovative digital artwork using the most advanced technologies. His website is a reference point for digital art enthusiasts and offers a wide selection of his artwork, including installations, sculptures, and NFT projects.

Inside Trento Art Festival , The Astronut will exhibit some of his most famous works, including the “52 Eyes” collection, characterized by the presence of 52 eyes photographed and “processed” in a unique and creative way. The NFTs of the “52 Eyes” collection are listed on the Mintable platform.

In addition, for the first time, The Astronut will exhibit the NFT collection “Asomatos Spheres”, which is listed on the NFT marketplace Foundation.

But that’s not all the artist has in store for the future. The Astronut is working on “The Baby”, a new Augmented Reality art project that will be available through a smartphone app and will then be associated with the issuance of a series of NFTs.

This new project promises to be as innovative and engaging as the artist’s other…

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