Women in art at EMU: Sharelle Krisel


The world has transitioned a lot of areas of life into a somewhat online form, and art has not been left out. With new software and technology, digital art is becoming more and more popular.

Eastern Michigan University student Sharelle Krisel is an artist with a love for creating cartoon-style pieces. In the future, she hopes to be an animator or children’s book illustrator, and someday come out with her own graphic novel.

Krisel is from the Ypsilanti area and is currently a junior at EMU pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Since preschool, art was a huge interest to Krisel, but she decided more recently that she would like to be an animator. While she sometimes does portraits and abstract work for art classes, she mostly works on cartoon characters, using a variety of mediums.

“Right now I’m using Copic markers, which is like alcohol-based markers, which are really expensive, like $8 a marker,” Krisel said. “Sometimes I’ll do a little bit of painting with acrylics or even…

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