Blockchain beyond business: a look at ASU’s relationship with cybersecurity technology


Ethical concerns surrounding cryptocurrency and NFTs have brought blockchain, the technology that links them together, to the center stage of cybersecurity solutions. Despite its fame, blockchain is not the only viable option for cybersecurity.

While blockchain occupies a unique space between science and culture, its popularity should not shroud other solutions to cybersecurity challenges. ASU’s efforts to research blockchain and other technology focuses almost exclusively on the advancements in the tech, not the business, creating space for more complex research.


Blockchains work by giving data a unique name, then stringing the names together, so the name cannot be changed without changing all the other attached blocks. The blockchain is also stored on a decentralized network of users, with partial duplications and copies of data to ensure consistency. 

The Blockchain Research Lab was started in 2017 to study the ways these systems could…

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