Zora Adds New Feature to Allow Creators to Write NFT Smart Contract


The NFT marketplace on the Ethereum network, Zora announced the integration of a new feature on its platform that allows creators to create and deploy their own ERC-1155 smart contract. 

ERC-1155 smart contract enables the creation of various types of tokens including fungible, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and semi-fungible tokens. That means, with the help of a new feature added on Zora, users will be able to mint their own collections.

Zora is expecting a rush of new users after adding the new feature. Through ERC-1155, creators can curate multiple NFTs on a single organized contract, and add a new collection in the already deployed smart contract at any time. Also, they can do batch minting while saving transaction costs efficiently.

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On Twitter, Zora indicated the arrival of similar fascinating developments in the future. It stated, “More coming soon. Stay tuned.”

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