The Curated reinvents Web3 art curating with the first-ever ‘Pinterest’ for digital art


LISBON, Portugal, April 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Luminous Art Foundation is launching The Curated, the first decentralized platform that offers browsing, cataloging, and curating digital art sourced from all over Web3 — major marketplaces, generative art networks, and direct submissions by artists, collectors, and galleries. The platform goes live on April 13 and will announce an open call for art curators interested in joining its curatorial council.

The Curated offers a comprehensive toolset to simplify navigating digital art. Its features include a search engine for artworks, mighty boards to save findings, subscriptions to favorite artists and push notifications when they mint anywhere in Web3, and tools for compiling and showcasing thematic art selections. By filling the gap in convenient social curation services for digital and generative art, The Curated will remove barriers for thousands of art lovers and contemporary art professionals entering this emergent space.

The platform will also become a foundation for the first decentralized curatorial framework based on a…

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