VendettaDAO (VDT): An Organization Providing GameFi, NFTs and Governance for the Chalk River Metaverse Ecosystem


VendettaDAO (VDT): An Organization Providing GameFi, NFTs and Governance for the Chalk River Metaverse Ecosystem

What is VendettaDAO and what are the roles of VDT tokens?

VendettaDAO is a gaming ecosystem that leverages robust artificial intelligence systems to accelerate game development while incorporating proven value capture models from Web2, Web3, and DeFi. VendettaDAO’s v1 platform is built on the gaming-focused Elysium blockchain with the Chalk River Metaverse and seven immersive mini-games providing an immersive gaming experience. The VendettaDAO team is composed of industry experts with a deep understanding of Web3 games, traditional business and software development, and early investors in Vulcan Forged. Players must first create an account in the Vendetta Games portal to participate in Vendetta Games and The Chalk River Metaverse.

VendettaDAO has cooperated with outstanding NFT technical teams such as Owl Protocol and Metopia to develop dynamic NFT. Character NFTs record stats on-chain and level up as the player progresses.

VDT’s current bounty program. More info at VendettaDAO and Website

VDT tokens are critical in incentivizing user engagement, promoting platform growth, and providing financial incentives for its community members. Players can use VDT tokens to raise horses, upgrade character NFTs, and get loot boxes, weapons, and ammunition.

The $VDT sale’s live over at and On VDT Sales promo. More info here 👇

VendettaDAO Token Overview

Token Symbol: VDT

Max Supply: 100,000,000

Initial Supply: 28,000,000 Listing

Trading Pair: VDT/USDT

Trade Time: TBA

Withdrawal Time: TBA

What are the utilities of the VendettaDAO tokens (VDT)?

DAO Governance (of the Vendetta Guild): VDT token holders can participate in the Vendetta Guild governance and vote on critical decisions related to the ecosystem’s development and growth.

Kill2Earn: Players can stake $VDT tokens on the platform’s most lucrative opportunities, but first, they must defeat other players in a Kill-to-Earn game.

Stake2Win: Players can stake $VDT tokens to breed horses, level up character NFTs, and acquire loot boxes, weapons, and ammo.

Incentive Spending to Scholars

Rewards: $VDT token holders can receive rewards, such as early access to new games, special in-game items, and exclusive experiences.

Circular Economy: VDT tokens will soon be listed on the exchange, which will allow holders to buy and sell tokens, and trade with other users to facilitate VendettaDAO’s circular economy.

VendettaDAO Token Allocation

VDT Token Allocation

VendettaDAO Roadmap

The Project Roadmap

VendettaDAO Official Media

Website | Twitter (@VendettaDao) | Telegram

*Source of information: The above information comes from the VendettaDAO white paper.


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