Deep Analysis on the Popularity of MetaTdex DEX Angel NFT


Recently, the crypto community has set off a wave for the Crypto-Stock NFT subscription of MetaTdex. Many people wonder why MetaTdex NFT is so popular? What is the basic support for the expected value of NFT? As DEX DAO NFT has been sold out, this article will analyse the value composition of DEX Angel NFT to help understand the MetaTdex Crypto-Stock NFT, which serves as the minting pass for stock tokens.

  • MetaTdex, one of the top 6 decentralized exchanges in the world, is expected to be listed in Hong Kong by mid-2023.
  • MetaTdex equity NFT anchors the value of listed Hong Kong stocks, allowing holders to obtain equity appreciation profits via BGT.

Ⅰ. The Value Structure of DEX Angel NFT

  1. Policy Dividends: DEX Angel NFT is the cornerstone of MetaTdex’s crypto-stock ecosystem development

Hong Kong has released the “Policy Statement on Development of Virtual Assets in Hong Kong”, which clarifies Hong Kong’s open policy stance and guidelines for developing a dynamic virtual asset industry and ecosystem. Based on this policy opportunity, here comes a question: How to…

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