Blockchain RPGs Embrace Limited NFTs For Gaming Experience


This article explores how blockchain RPGs are adopting a new model that emphasizes the importance of utility and rarity through limited NFT drops. Learn how this model creates a new gaming experience and a profitable BM for developers.

Blockchain MMORPGs are changing the game with their new approach to in-game economies.

Motivations and earnings (from a sustainable business standpoint) in blockchain-based game economies have always been a contention for discussion for experts and builders. Recent developments on this issue have brought to life new styles and strategies that we could learn more from.

Rather than relying on pay-to-win models or continuous new item releases, these games turn to blockchain technology and limited NFT drops to create a sustainable, profitable business model.

Rarity and Utility

One key aspect of this approach is the limited quantity of NFTs generated for each game. MapleStory Universe’s “RX 2.0” model and Gransaga: Unlimited by METAPIXEL both allocate a fixed number of NFTs to each server, making them a rare and valuable…

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