How fintech and SaaS are solving the climate challenge


Climate tech funding in 2022 represented more than a quarter of every venture dollar invested in 2022 according to PwC’s State of Climate Tech 2022 report. This represents aggregate funds raised for climate tech since the start of 2018 of $260 billion, over which more than $52 billion has come in 2022. Climate fintech startups raised $3 billion in 2022, с. 3x vs 2021 according to data from CommerzVentures. 

This is just the beginning of the surge. PitchBook estimates the climate tech market will be near $1.4 trillion in five years, representing a сompound annual growth rate of 8.8%. Carbon tech (incl. B2B climate-related software and fintech) will be the fastest subsegment. Pitchbook expects the market to double in 5 next years and reach $21 billion. 

B2B software and fintech climate solutions will have a significant impact on sustainability. Companies need the tools and services to track their own carbon footprint and reward clients who reduce their CO2 emissions. Furthermore, B2B software and fintech climate solutions are indispensable for funding green energy…

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