Crypto Unicorns will shift more governance control to active players


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Crypto Unicorns announced a plan to give more governance control in its Web3 gaming ecosystem to the games most active players.

Created by Laguna Games, Crypto Unicorns has been a popular non-fungible token (NFT) game for collecting pets, farming and multiplayer battles. And today it is deploying version two of a staking contract, where players get rewards for holding on to NFTs, to begin distributing governance power for active players who hold on to its token for the long term.

Starting today, Crypto Unicorns players who’ve earned in-game badges since the game’s launch will be able to stake the NFT badges. Among the NFTs are participation and milestone badges as well as voting and governance badges. These new non-transferrable NFT badges can now be staked to improve each player’s relative voting power in the game’s governance.

Aron Beierschmitt, CEO of Laguna Games, the studio behind Crypto Unicorns, acknowledged the move is a big one. It’s an…

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