Diamonds are Forever, and So is Great Art: Diamond Exhibition Drops April 27 | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture


PROOF is a platform that is focused on creating unique experiences for collectors to connect with artists to own and champion their art. As the blockchain has the potential to usher in a digital art renaissance, Proof is dedicated to ensuring that the focus is on the people and not just the numbers.

The Diamond Exhibition is a testament to this commitment, as Proof has carefully curated a group of 22 amazing artists to feature in this inaugural collection. The artists were selected based on their unique styles, perspectives, and stories, and they represent a wide range of creative fields, from photography to generative art.

Among the artists featured in the Diamond Exhibition are Dirty Robot, Summer Wagner, Terrell Jones, and Mindzeye, all of whom bring a distinct and captivating vision to their work. Additionally, the exhibition features the talents of 0xdgb, Linda Dounia, Gossamer Rozen, and tiffatron, all of whom explore themes of identity, emotion, and the human condition through their art.

The exhibition also includes work from Justin Mezzell, the artist behind…

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