NFT collector forced to sell Bored Apes after falling for Ponzi scheme


Well-known NFT personality @FranklinIsBored was forced to sell several Bored Apes after supposedly losing 2,000 ETH (almost $4 million) in a Ponzi scheme.

According to a tweet thread, this is the third time that FranklinIsBored (actually an aerospace engineer named Frank Caldwell II) has lost significant sums of crypto since early 2022.

Caldwell sold at least a million dollars worth of Bored Apes on Friday, April 14 to “cover a BendDAO loan.” It’s unclear which project or individual took his millions of dollars in ETH, but Caldwell stated he had thought the project “was credible due to who else invested.” However, someone used his funds “as casino gambling Ponzi” money and “flushed it down the drain.”

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