Digital Currency Integration Payments to Attract Customers


Cryptocurrency integration is once again on the rise. With the global market value for all cryptocurrencies sitting at $1.17 trillion as of March 2023, and with 420 million crypto users worldwide, digital currencies remain popular despite a recent slump. This is according to Jeremy Baber, CEO of Lanistar.

“Partners offering crypto payment gateways can offer a straightforward solution for merchants to adopt crypto,” commented Baber. “Gateways eliminate the need to keep a cryptocurrency wallet and convert digital currency into fiat money. This facilitates the broader acceptance of digital currencies, simplifying vendor provision of cryptocurrency payment options.”

Offering crypto as a payment method provides access to new demographic groups. Recent studies show that 40% of customers who purchase goods with crypto are new customers who are likely to spend double the amount of credit card users.

Merchants can introduce crypto payment gateways providing customers with a digital currency payment method without entering the 

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