An Award-Winning Photo Turns Out To Be AI-Generated


In the second half of the last century, when robotics was one of the main trends of world scientific progress, people were seriously afraid that robots would take away our jobs. Then scientists reassured the public – according to them, in the future, machines will do routine hard physical work, and we will instead have more time to be creative.

Okay, the future is now here, and what do we see? People are still doing physical labor while programmers, designers, photographers and copywriters are shaking in fear that the relentless AI will come and take their jobs. And it also turned out that the artificial brain is capable of fantasy almost better than the human one…

More info: The artist’s Facebook post

This German artist entered a prestigious photo contest and won it – only to refuse the prize later

Image credits: Boris Eldagsen

In the late nineties, AI learned to play chess better than probably the greatest chess player of all time after beating Garry Kasparov. At the beginning of the new century, it was its turn to become champion in Go, and in the current decade,…

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