Crypto’s impact on e-commerce & online Payments


Due to its many advantages, the usage of digital currency in online business has been gradually expanding in recent years. According to Statista, the number of identity-verified cryptoasset users from 2016 to November 2022, moved from 5 million to over 402 million. The greater security and anonymity that cryptocurrencies provide is one of the most important advantages they offer to users and businesses. 

Transactions that are carried out using cryptocurrencies are protected by sophisticated cryptographic methods, which make it exceedingly impossible to forge or manipulate them.

Customers who buy things online and are concerned about the safety of their financial information are finding this to be a very appealing option.



E-commerce has made online payments a necessity as its transactions are done online. Also, credit cards and bank transfers have long dominated online commerce. The use of cryptocurrency offers many advantages over traditional payment systems. Triple A points out that over 85% of US merchants view crypto payments as a high priority. Some of…

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