2023 PhotoVogue Digital Art Collection


PhotoVogue is launching its second residency program aimed at empowering artists entering Web3. The program builds on last year’s Voice x PhotoVogue NFT Residency, which brought 75 artists from around the world to present a unique collection and culminated in a digital art exhibition at the 2022 PhotoVogue Festival in Milan, Italy. 

Founded on the shared commitment to champion talent and visual literacy to help foster a more just, ethical, and inclusive world, the PhotoVogue and Voice partnership brings a fresh perspective on photography in Web3. The PhotoVogue NFT program is an opportunity to amplify the storytelling power of photography, empower diverse artists globally, and nurture creativity in the digital space. 

Through this year’s residency, we will provide a group of artists the opportunity to learn how to enter the space ethically and intentionally and how to experiment with this new digital medium while staying true to their artistic voices from Web3 experts.

The theme of our second residency’s collection will be issues of representation. 

In a world that is…

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