A Tintin NFT? Okay, you’ve got my attention


Tintin is one of the world’s most famous comic strips and now you can own a piece of art history, or at least, that’s the pitch of this official The Blue Lotus NFT collection. As a Tintin fan from childhood the lure of owning an official, limited run collectible Tintin illustration is, well, a treasure.

NFTs are a way to digitally record a file on a blockchain, they can’t be deleted or copied and so create a secure ownership and authenticity. We have a full explanation in our feature ‘What are NFTs?‘. For this Tintin collection NFTs are being used to record the sale of two variants of the famous The Blue Lotus cover illustration created by artist Hergé in 1936. The original sold at auction for 2.6 million euros in early 2021.

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