Fintech Mooncard secures EUR 37 million in Series C financing

France-based corporate card and expenses company Mooncard has announced securing EUR 37 million in a Series C round. 

The fintech offers a card solution for automating expense and expense reporting processes and currently serves over 6000 public and private institutions. The aim now is to establish a permanent presence in the European market. Both the Mooncard payment card and the approval process can be configured for each employee or user profile. For special cases, supervisors or administrators can be automatically notified via SMS, so that they can react in real-time. 

Additionally, businesses are able to issue payment cards to employees while maintaining complete control over spending. All transactions are stored in a secure cloud server and can be accessed in real time as well. According to a Mooncard representative, this new round of funding allows them to further expand the capabilities of their technology to meet the evolving needs of the finance departments of companies of all sizes, in the public and private sectors. 


Aim of financing


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