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Crossmint, a blockchain infrastructure start-up, has partnered with Tintinimaginatio to launch the first-ever NFT collection of the beloved Tintin comic series. Tintinimaginatio was established to safeguard and support the work of Hergé, the comic artist behind the iconic Tintin series. This collaboration has resulted in the creation of two different versions of the Tintin NFTs, which include a limited edition print run of 777 copies and a purely digital NFT limited to 1,777 pieces. The collection features “The Blue Lotus,” an illustration that Hergé created in 1936 and was sold at an auction for €2.6 million ($2.8 million) earlier this year.

The first illustration project created by Hergé in 1936 for the cover of The Blue Lotus was rejected by the publisher because it was too expensive to reproduce in colour. This artwork was sold at auction on January 14th, 2021 for €2.6M (excluding commission).

Each NFT is unique, featuring the geographic coordinates of Tintin’s travel locations and unlocking various benefits, including early access to new…

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