How Technology is Transforming Finance


Financial service companies are at a pivotal moment. Faced with intense market pressures across the sector — agile disruptors, complex legislation, digital native users, and the legacy of a global pandemic — technology adoption is therefore no longer merely a competitive edge, but an absolute necessity. This places fintech at the front and center of the financial service industry. Simply said, the widespread use of cloud computing as well as big data analytics — along with new and emerging methods of communication and changing client expectations, are transforming how (as well as what) financial products are offered.

This is what the fintech revolution is all about generating value for customers and firms through the unprecedented use of technology.

How Did the Fintech Revolution Come About?

Originally, financial technology, or Fintech, referred to tech employed in the back-end systems of existing financial organizations. Currently, the phrase refers to an economic sector comprising enterprises that employ technology to boost the effectiveness of financial institutions….

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