How to Copy Michael Saylor and Create Your Own Bitcoin Lightning Email Address


Employees of business software company MicroStrategy can now receive Bitcoin payments to their corporate email addresses, MicroStrategy co-founder and executive chairman Michael Saylor revealed during the Cafe Bitcoin Twitter Spaces on Monday.

It might sound like a magical feat, but anyone can set one up. We’ll show you how.

The Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s speedier and more scalable cousin, fixes Bitcoin’s scalability problems. Traditionally, when someone wants to receive a Lightning payment, they generate a Lightning invoicea long scrambled string of characters that isn’t human-readable.

To counter this, The Lightning Address standard is spreading across the industry, replacing the long, ugly invoice with what looks like a familiar email address.

As shown on The Lightning Address website, a number of Lightning services across the industry offer a way to easily set up one of these addresses, such as Zebedee, Alby, and Breez. Each service has its own unique domaintake your pick.

We’ll use Bitcoin gaming app Zebedee, one of the more vocal proponents of the Lightning address.


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