Polygon’s NFT sales surge to new highs, but stumbling blocks lie ahead


  • Polygon NFT sales started to surge. However, activity on the network declined.
  • MATIC token under pressure as prices declined due to a lack of interest from new users.

According to data from 21 April, it was observed that Polygon’s [MATIC] NFT sales were rising tremendously. Compared to NFT markets on other cryptocurrencies, Polygon was doing relatively well in terms of sales and came in second only to Ethereum

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The volume of transactions on the Polygon network witnessed a 19.49% growth over the last week, resulting in total sales of $15.13 million.

More than meets the eye

However, despite the increasing interest in Polygon’s NFTs, the overall activity on the Polygon network declined. According to data provided by Artemis, Polygnon’s daily active addresses fell from 435,200 to 294,000 over the last month.

During the…

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