Mad Lads on Solana: Decoding its success and role in boosting SOL


  • Solana’s Mad Lads NFT collection drove sales to surpass Ethereum’s Bored Ape Yacht Club.
  • Positive impact on Solana’s NFT metrics, including an increase in unique high-value purchases and a recent price upswing.

Solana [SOL] recently made waves in the NFT space and gave Ethereum a run for its money. The launch of an NFT collection on Solana has spiked various metrics, but did it translate to an increase in the value of SOL?

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Solana NFT bosses’ sales volume stats

According to Crypto Slam’s data on NFT collection sales, a Solana blockchain-based collection called Mad Lads has taken the top spot for the past 48 hours.

With over $4 million in sales, it surpassed the popular Ethereum NFT, Bored Ape Yacht Club’s [BAYC], which had over $3.2 million.

Source: Crypto Slam

In addition to the impressive sales figures, the Mad Lads NFT collection on the Solana blockchain recorded over 2,700 transactions and attracted more than 1,500 buyers and sellers.

These numbers far surpass the figures of its closest competitor, the BAYC

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