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The world of virtual reality is rapidly evolving, and oncyber is at the forefront of this revolution. What started as a platform to display art in 3D space has quickly transformed into a full-fledged metaverse that is changing the game.

The team at oncyber is pushing the boundaries of high-performance graphics on the open immersive web, making their experiences accessible on any device, anywhere. And their recent success is a testament to their efforts – this week they hosted 3.5K attendees from over 100 countries, which would have been impossible just weeks ago.

One of the biggest challenges for oncyber has been blending multiplayer, diverse worlds, and high-quality visuals while rendering frames quickly for smooth interaction. To achieve this, the team has optimized graphics in several categories, including animations, instancing, atlasing, and their world-building editor.

When it comes to avatar animation, naive systems that use CPU can quickly become a bottleneck when dealing with hundreds of avatars. Oncyber has addressed this issue by switching to GPU-based…

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