‘Inspiration is all around us’ – Clark Now

Digital art by Charles Marble ’22.


Emotion, architecture, museums, and classic Nintendo games have influenced digital art created by students and an alumnus of Clark’s Becker School of Design & Technology. The three interactive media majors realized at a young age that art was a passion. Charles Marble ’22 uses his everyday surroundings to help shape 2D characters that start as a simple sketch. Emily Clewes ’23 references real-life architectural designs to make convincing 3D digital art, skills she hopes to use in the field of environment art after graduation. Sammi Bosque ’24 is also a psychology major and finds that emotions and personal experiences play a major role in the concepts behind her 2D artwork.

ClarkNow asked Marble, Clewes, and Bosque to share a behind-the-scenes look at their creative process, from ideation to completion.

Digital art by Emily Clewes '23
Digital art by Emily Clewes ’23.

When did you realize that art and/or gaming, design, and technology is what you wanted to pursue?

Charles Marble: Art has always been a big part of me, whether it was drawing for art class in…

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