Unlocking the Secrets of NFT Art with stuz0r: An Interview with a Digital Visionary | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture


In this interview, we have the pleasure of hearing from stuz0r, a talented digital artist who has made a name for themselves in the NFT space with their stunning 3D renders and animations. They share their experiences with their first Nifty Gateway drop and how NFTs have impacted their art career. The interviewee also provides insights into their creative process, inspirations, and influences, as well as upcoming drops and projects. Join us in learning more about stuz0r and their unique approach to digital art in the NFT market.

I keep returning to this style of my work over the years expanding on the lore and universe. I wanted to call back to the previous “Temples” series and continue building on that reality. In this new series, this civilization has several temples that help to keep the overall “self” in full balance. The Body, the Mind, the Heart, the Spirit, and one that is a throwback to my previous series, the Sol or Sun.

Can you talk about your first drop on Nifty Gateway, and what it was like to see your art sold as an NFT for the first time?


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