AI Is Causing Student Artists to Rethink Their Creative Career Plans


And Tyler Tran, a Milpitas High School senior who’s planning to major in digital art and animation, is concerned that the popularity of AI art might make his entire career path obsolete, especially when factoring in how expensive an art education tends to be. He worries, “Commissions, digital work — suddenly, of all that could be done with just AI. What am I supposed to do? [I need to] pay for expenses, pay for my loans, pay for life, pay for my college, and stuff like that. So that’s definitely a fear that I have.”

To see for myself what these AI generators are capable of, I decided to try creating my own AI art. The first time I did, I was blown away by how powerful the technology was. To create an image using the most popular AI image generator, Midjourney, all you have to do is type in a text prompt — my prompt was “anime-style portrait of girl with brown hair and gray eyes against a forest backdrop.”Just a few minutes later, the AI generated four different portraits.

Midjourney created four detailed portraits in less than two minutes. (Kaitlyn…

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