Sensorium kickstarts SENSO token burn as private sale of UNDER NFT Land begins


The buzz around Sensorium’s highly anticipated metaverse gaming project, UNDER, has reached new heights as the company reported a private sale of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) associated with this new virtual world. In a show of commitment to a healthy tokenomics ecosystem, Sensorium also burned $500,000 worth of SENSO tokens following the operation.

UNDER, a cutting-edge metaverse project, will feature 25,000 NFT land parcels integrated with blockchain game mechanics and an extensive upgrade system tied to original games. Once the private sale is concluded, the general public will get access to a multi-stage NFT drop.

The initial offering will comprise 2,500 NFT parcels, with all transactions settled using SENSO tokens. Both private and public proceedings will contribute to the burning of SENSO tokens. 

By owning an UNDER NFT land parcel, users will be able to monetize their blockchain gaming experiences on Sensorium’s decentralized platform. Each NFT land parcel is equipped with resources known as SENSO Aura (SAr) that can be mined by owners through various mechanics….

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