XCOPY NFT Headlines at HOFA


The prestigious House of Fine Art (HOFA) gallery will host an exclusive AI NFT art exhibition featuring digital artworks starting May 5th. The event will showcase works from top AI and NFT artists including XCOPY, OSF, Ivona Tau, and Orkhan. Besides its impressive artworks, this exhibition represents collectors’ growing interest in digital art and AI-generated content.

HOFA gallery’s exhibition ‘Beyond the Screen’ features valuable AI artworks by some of the most renowned NFT artists of the moment, including XCOPY.

HOFA AI NFT Exhibition: Will XCOPY’s Art Be There?

The London-based gallery HOFA partnered with the Solana-based NFT platform Kreation for one of this year’s most valuable AI and NFT exhibitions: ‘Beyond the Screen.’

The event allows participants to see nine 1:1 AI artworks from top digital artists. Each piece highlights the power of AI for the artists’ creative journey in a unique way.

Nevertheless, collectors are excited about the featured artists. Orkhan, Cath Simard, Ivona Tau, Ovie Faruq (OSF), and XCOPY created pieces carrying their NFT…

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