Y.D. More Investments Ltd Acquires Stake in Fintech Giant WEX Inc: A Promising Move for Investors


April 28, 2023 – Y.D. More Investments Ltd recently declared that it acquired an 895-share stake in WEX Inc., valued at approximately $41,000. This disclosure is particularly noteworthy because the institutional investor was not previously associated with the prominent financial technology services provider.

WEX Inc. has been making waves in the global market since its inception and continues to thrive through the delivery of reliable and innovative solutions in three segments: Fleet Solutions, Travel and Corporate Solutions, and Health and Employee Benefit Solutions. As one of America’s leading fintech institutions, WEX prides itself on providing clients with customer-focused services as well as cutting-edge analytics tools for managing expenses.

NYSE WEX began trading last Friday at $173.29, boasting a solid market capitalization of $7.42 billion. Its impressive performance can be attributed to a variety of factors including a price-to-earnings ratio of 38.59, a PEG ratio of 1.91, and a beta rating of 1.60.

Analysts predict an even more promising future for WEX when…

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