Bitcoin’s Breakout is the Key to Altcoin Rally, Says Michael van de Poppe


Highly-acclaimed cryptocurrency analyst Michael van de Poppe recently shared his insights on the current state of the market, focusing on the performance of altcoins against Bitcoin and Ethereum. In a comprehensive video analysis, he highlighted the importance of Bitcoin breaking the $30,000 barrier for altcoins to regain momentum.

Bitcoin Dominance and Altcoin Weakness

Michael began by discussing Bitcoin’s dominance in the market, which continues to rise, leaving altcoins struggling to keep up. He observed that Bitcoin remains strong while altcoins weaken, which has led to a prolonged correction in the altcoin market. According to Michael, this trend will continue unless there is an increase in market confidence, something that has been lacking recently.

Key Resistance Points and Potential Reversals

The analyst noted that the dominance is approaching resistance points, suggesting that a potential reversal might be in sight. For Ethereum to gain strength against Bitcoin, it must break its resistance point at 0.069. However, the trend remains downward, which could lead to another…

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