‘Duckingnice’ founder hosts workshop on launching art ventures – The Ticker


Baruch College’s Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship hosted Duckingnice Founder Tiffany Wu to discuss how students can launch businesses with their art in a workshop with MakerHub.     

The center’s MakerHub program hosted the Baruch senior’s workshop, titled “Turning Your Digital Art into a Business Idea.” The workshop allowed Wu to explain how she created her brand and to give tips on how students can pursue similar ventures.

Wu studies entrepreneurship, which is a major she said is typically known to have students that “have started their own small business.”

“What’s your business?” many of Wu’s peers would ask her. At the time she did not have one to share, thus motivating her to create her own business.

At 7 years old, Wu had a passion for the arts and continues to practice “professional” art. In August 2021, Wu began experimenting with what kind of business to start and her various ideas narrowed down to drawing ducks.

“Art is subjective; we’re all surrounded by art in our everyday lives,” Wu said. “Like packaging that you…

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